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Mc Nally Strum Stick Grand Koa
Mc Nally Strum Stick Grand Koa
You’ll sound good right from the start and you can play songs the first day. The Strumstick feels good to play, you’ll pick it up again and again. We designed the Strumstick for people who don't play any music, and are sure they can't play any music. There are no wrong notes; there are just the notes of a simple scale. Since there are no wrong notes, there are no mistakes; you can have fun making sounds without worrying about "getting it right".
Koa is from Hawaii, and is a rich golden tan, sometimes with darker streaks. The grain has a high transparency which gives the wood a deep lustre. The tone is loud and clear and bright. Koa is an excellent tonewood. The back is Koa also.
Free padded bag.
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